Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Work Work Work

Asalaamu alaykum wa rahmatallahi wa barakato~
May the peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you~

Oooff, I have been too busy lately.  I moved this weekend, have several 10-15 page papers due for university in the coming weeks, and I graduate in May, insh'Allah.  Which just means searching for jobs like a nut...

So perhaps I'll just update ya'll on my papers for now.  Some of the topics I'm writing about are interesting --  some not so much.  This semester I took three graduate level courses, ay yay yay.  They were challenging but rewarding.

One paper will be about ethnocentrism in digital media -- such as video games, movies, online, etc.  This sounds weird for an upper-level paper, but my class is digital rhetoric.  Yup, I spent a semester learning about video games and social networking, he he he.

I thought that it was important to write about this topic because of all of the war video games we learned about in my course.  I find the trend very disturbing, especially when there is no balanced option to show the moral implications/repercussions of war.  All war games nearly played in the U.S. are of U.S. soldiers attacking the Middle East, including mosques, etc.  This leads to racial profiling, misconceptions of Islam and Arabs/Muslims, and generally reinforces a spirit of "them vs. us" without the players of these video games possibly ever realizing what is being put into their minds.  Disturbing...

Another paper I'm working on will be about how social media is affecting power relations, specifically in education.  This is for my Governmentality/Foucault philosophy class.

And I'm also writing a paper for my Migration in Film and Literature about a novel by Bharati Mukherjee called "Jasmine."  It's due next week and I haven't even read the book... ;)  I guess it's about an Indian immigrant to the U.S.

For my Advanced Arabic course, I'm supposed to make a video final project of myself speaking Arabic about something.

We shall see how it all goes...

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