Sunday, April 14, 2013

Going Home

Asalaamu alaykum wa rahmatallahi wa barakato~
May the peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you~

Next weekend my husband and I will visit my parents' country home, in sh Allah.  These pictures remind me of the simple beauty of my roots.  My ancestors have been farmers for hundreds of years.  My mother's cousin traced their lineage back to the 1700s, and her family were farmers in Tennessee.  My father's family is much of the same, although located more centrally in the U.S.

The place I grew up is so lovely -- in sh Allah I will share some pictures here sometime after next weekend.  We plan on planting some fruit trees, and my husband and father will go turkey hunting. We will probably build a bonfire and sit outside late, chatting and making fire foods.

I always miss home when I go back, but I can't imagine staying there for too long, you know?  Much to my mother's disappointment...

Country life has a much different rhythm.  I still run to that rhythm, even though it's been years since I lived there. Alhamdulillah for my roots.  I would not be who I am without them.




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