Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trip to Chicago, the Windy City

Asalaamu alaykum wa rahmatallahi wa barakto~

InshAllah everyone reading this is having a wonderful Ramadan!

I just thought I would share some pictures from my trip to Chicago ~~

We set off from our city at about five in the morning -- before sunrise here -- so we got to see the sunrise somewhere in Missouri.

Am I the only one who gets so excited driving into destinations?  First impressions are exciting :)

Driving to our hotel along Michigan Avenue -- the main street in Chicago.  To the right is Millennium Park.

We also drove by the Art Institute of Chicago, which we later visited...

Once we got to our hotel and got unpacked, we set out to Millennium Park.  Walking there was like walking through a sea of people -- much like London (except here, people will NOT touch you on the street at all, no matter how crowded it is).

Finally at Millennium Park -- the views were beautiful and it was packed :)

This shiny orb is called "The Bean" and it is a famous Chicago landmark.  People can be seen staring at themselves taking pictures :)  It's actually a very amusing place to go!

This boy was cracking me up -- playing under The Bean.

Next to The Bean there is a large botanical garden.  They had native Midwestern flowers growing there. We saw several wedding parties coming to get their pictures done here.  Some tourists even asked to take pictures with them!  We thought that was funny and strange, and then some tourists asked to take a picture with us :(  I guess they'd never seen a covered woman before!  (Although they were everywhere in Chicago...)

This fountain is also in Millennium Park -- it's called the "Spitting Face."  Kids wait in anticipation for the face to pucker up and "spit" water on them!  The face changes per every "spit."

This is a quiet garden by the Art Institute of Chicago.  I love finding little gardens in big cities <3  

A suit of armor in the Medieval wing of the museum.

Traditional Native American headdress and top.

Native American pottery.

Native American artwork and knives.

African headdress.

African headdress/jewelry.  I love the jewelry at art museums :)

And theeen, we went to the Modern Art wing... Let's just say my husband is not a big fan ;)  This piece is just a pile of candy in a corner.

This piece was neat -- it looked 2D, but when you approach you realize that it actually comes out of the wall.

This is the Sears Tower.  It was the tallest building in the world for a long time.

Then we went to Buckingham Fountain and ate our dinner al fresco :)  It was really lovely, although very hot, and a seagull ate one of my noodles >.<

Lake Michigan was right across the street from the fountain.  It was very calm and full of sailboats.  

The buildings are beautiful at night.

We went on a river cruise up a river by our hotel, and then around Lake Michigan, and  saw a fireworks show.  It was very fun!

The view from our boat.

Navy Pier from our boat.

Annnnd, fireworks!  It was America's Independence Day a few days before our cruise, so the firework shows were still in full force.

The next day, we headed up the Magnificent Mile (Michigan Avenue shopping) and to the Navy Pier.  

Navy Pier is basically carnival rides and games, and a lot of boat rides dock here, too.

Lake Michigan form the Pier.

We then headed over to the John Hancock Observatory.  It's a very tall building, you go up and you can see the whole city below.

Our last night we went back to Millennium Park...

Goodbye Chicago!


  1. Beautiful pictures.

  2. Assalamu alaikum. Ramadan mubarak sister! Thank you for the nice pics;)

  3. Asalam arleykoum is beautifull picture i lovee
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  4. Wondeful pictures. Salam alyki sister, hope you are well and in good iman and health.